Matias Puga

digital marketing expert

Convert or you are nothing

Yes, I know... You have that idea going around in your head... you gave it thirty thousand thoughts and you are sure that it is going to work.

You set up a fast website and you are willing to send traffic to validate if it works or not. You even have the Facebook Ads campaigns ready to activate, a couple of influencers in Instagram who told you that they would help you promoting your website.

But beware... Have you installed the conversions on your website? And... What are conversions?

In marketing, we call conversions, for instance... to a person who performs an action that can affect your business in a real way.


  • Sends a contact form.
  • Downloads a PDF that you offer for free.
  • It stays more than 7 minutes on your website reading your content.
  • Goes to the end of a video that you have posted.
  • Requests a product.

At the marketing level, it is important that people who complete one of these actions (conversions) are segmented, marked, separated from the rest…

Because these are the successful cases, which will guide you to obtain similar ones either by optimizing the search campaigns for these keywords that they "converted" or by creating "similar" lookalikes campaigns on Facebook or Instagram.

In addition, the conversions will help you to put real numbers to your business, at least at the acquisition level in Marketing.

You will be able to understand how much a Lead costs in the case that your model is Lead Acquisition or plan the return in a SAAS model.

A recommendation:
Record the sessions of your users, this will help you understand where you lose traffic and how to re-orient it better.