Matias Puga

digital marketing expert

Search in algorithm times

In the past few years, the way of paid search marketing has been profoundly modified by the introduction of algorithms.

Think about it this way, Google was studying and storing the way in which hundreds of thousands of marketers around the world optimize the campaigns, this combined with an algorithm that feeds on all kinds of user data resulted in an almost perfect model of machine learning.

Today you can work the campaigns in autopilot mode, which saves you a lot of management time and lowers the price in the maintenance of campaigns.

Generally, starting a campaign takes an important initial effort, but after the second month when you have understood the keywords that work best, you can activate the Google autopilot (automatic bidding) and do an account maintenance.

Another advantage of outsourcing optimizations to Google's algorithm is that you can concentrate on building the most efficient funnel.

You should always give instructions to Google about your conversion prices, how much you are willing to pay for a Lead or a Sale. This forces you to map the customer journey of your user.

Here I leave an example of the Customer Journey for a user who is looking for a trip or for another who is looking for tickets for a concert in Argentina.