Matias Puga

digital marketing expert

Nobody buys at the first click

we have measured that users may need up to 7 brand impacts to be safe and buy their tickets.

It seems like a lot, it is true... but think about it this way. How many times have you seen the Apple logo?... See how strong it is.

In Marketing, we call these "impacts" touchpoints:

Convert or nothing

A recurring example is when a fan finds out about the concert through Facebook, this generates a Google search, but being on the street or with a cell phone makes it difficult to buy the tickets.

Therefore, when they return home or to work, they search again ready to buy from the computer, which is more comfortable. This "tour" is called the customer journey in marketing, and our campaigns take care of accompanying the user throughout the process so that they can easily find you and buy the tickets.

Another thing that usually happens is that the user forgets or postpones the action of buying the tickets. Campaigns help to remind the user that the final purchase of those tickets is pending.

In the industry, that is called retargeting. You have probably seen a product on the net and then found it again in banners that remind you of the purchase of it.

The strategy is called Retargeting and consists of reminding about the possibility of buying tickets through different channels (Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram) and devices (mobile, desktop).